Plant-powered foods that aren't boring or made with junk ingredients.

Fed up with bland plant-based food from grocery stores? Highly processed vegan meats from restaurants?

Start your health reset with SuperVega:
  • Less processed (feel clean)
  • Lower sodium (inflammation)
  • Less carbs & calories (meet fitness goals)
  • More protein absorbed (premium quality)

The Tesla of Clean Foods

Explore how we're solving the trillion dollar food and nutrition wealth gap problem we have today.

Our resources on Earth are limited. So how do we keep feeding our growing population?

Our Solution:

SUPERVEGA's delicious plant-based chicken, which alone addresses a massive $36 billion food segment using proprietary sustainable technologies. 

Eat plant-based proteins that are so tasty even meat-eaters crave them.

Tasty, better for you, local and so much more:
less processed & lower sodium

...can help support less inflammation.

BETTER proteiN PROFILES THAT matchEs meat

...because not all vegan proteins are made equal.

less carbs & less calories

...for better performance nutrition goals.

CHEF-approved michelin taste

...who are Michelin-trained and can make even the most boring greens super mouthwatering.

Free of TOP allergens

...Without compromising taste and texture, our protein is dairy free, and nut-free, and does not contain any of the other top eight allergens that represent the majority of all food related allergies. 

Supporting local chefs

...because they show a different kind of care and quality in their product. Their work is a reflection of themselves.

Why else might you try SUPERVEGA?

For health reasons

Research has linked plant-based diets with lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and lower rates of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer. 

for the planet

It is widely known that meat production is not environmentally friendly. Implementing advanced sustainable practices ensures that the fermented protein is made with minimal impact on our natural resources.  

For simple & tasty nutrition

Without compromising taste and texture, our protein is dairy free, and nut-free, and does not contain any of the other top eight allergens that represent the majority of all food related allergies. 

More about SUPERVEGA


SUPERVEGA is a people's nutrition company that challenges the stigma that plant-based proteins can't be tasty. Beyond amazing flavours, our proteins are powered by the most advanced technologies that increase plant nutrition beyond what's currently available in the market, including the absorption of protein into your body.

"Supervega challenges the industry to be better with next generation technologies made to fuel people today and for future generations to come." - Serena B.

Your body deserves the best.

Get super convenient 

Michelin STAR QUALITY meals delivered to you

Exclusive chef collaborations that will make your mouth water


DaiLo Restaurant

Trained by one of the world's most innovative restaurants, The Fat Duck in London, with Chef Heston Blumenthal. DaiLo appears in Canada's 100 Best list for their innovative take on Asian cuisine.

DaiLo Restaurant x SUPERVEGA collaboration. Summer 2021.

Cook or deliver tasty recipes to your home.

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